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Be on Board.

We welcome you.

The Air Independence GmbH was founded in 1998 as a German aerospace company in the field of private and business aviation with its headquarters in Munich. We are operating under EU & EASA OPS standards and we are around the world at your service. At our independent permanent establishment situated at Salzburg airport, we also meet the certification requirements of the aviation authorities and have the Air Operator Certificate (AOC) which guarantees for quality and efficiency. Specifically for our ownership customers, we can thus offer a choice between a German and an Austrian registry.

For us at Air Independence, aviation is the epitome of great responsibility, but flying is our passion!

Our Attitude

More Time. More Comfort. More Independence.

The time as the most valuable asset of our society, the comfort as a condition for well-being, and independence as a universal symbol of freedom, we have united as Air Independence for you in our services.

We support you in all our services personally, individually, and professionally.


Our qualified Independence Air Service Team
Availability around the clock 24/7/365:

Sales and Operations

Eric Rechtsteiner


+49 (0)89 975 975 90

Thomas Lenz


+49 (0)89 975 975 90

Patrick Eicke


+49 (0)89 975 975 90

Accountable Manager

Dr. Winthir Brunnbauer


+49 (0)89 975 975 90

Continuing Airworthiness & Aircraft Manager

Florian Guthardt


+49 (0)89 975 975 40

Lorenz Fassl


+49 (0)89 975 975 40

Charter Broker

Alexander Hertle


+49 (0)89 990 184 316

Flight Operation Manager and Trainings Manager

Christian Cuolt


+49 (0)89 975 975 90



Airport Munich

Air Independence GmbH
Allgemeine Luftfahrt 6
General Aviation Terminal - GAT
D-85356 Munich-Airport

+49 (0)89 975 975-90

+49 (0)89 975 975-96

Airport Salzburg

Air Independence GmbH
Innsbrucker Bundesstraße 95
A-5020 Salzburg-Airport

+43 (0)662 85809098