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30 MAY 2016

Press Release 30/05/2016

Virtual 3D Tours of Air Independence' Aircraft

Air Independence GmbH announces the collaboration with jetpano.net. One major field of activity of jetpano.net is the high quality photography of aircraft from the inside and outside.

As a first step, the Kingair 350i was digitized during the EBACE 2016 exhibition. In a later stage, all other aircraft of Air Independence GmbH will be digitized soon. The marvellous composition of all taken images lets you feel like acutally being in the aircraft.

Try it out and see for yourself:


About Air Independence
Founded in 1998, the German Air Independence GmbH is a Munich and Salzburg based airline with its core competence in chartering out its own Business Jet fleet and offering tailored mobility solutions to its customers. The backbone of its operation is the long range aircraft Challenger 604 and the turboprop King Air 350i which is most suitable for short and medium haul flights. In addition, Air Independence offers also aircraft management for customers, who enjoy their own aircraft, and business charter brokerage. All the brokerage activities are concentrated in AI Services GmbH. The flight operation of Air Independence GmbH is conducted under the strict limitations of the EASA Air OPS standards based on both a German and an Austrian aircraft operator certificate (AOC) and guarantees the highest standards in safety and quality.

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